The Book of Love:
Level I


Accelerate your spiritual growth

If you are ready to use divine information to accelerate your spiritual growth, this workshop is for you.

The Book of Love is a Workshop filled with channeled information to help you accelerate your spiritual growth.

Learn to use LOVE AS A TOOL in your spiritual evolution.

Learn to use the powerful energy of your Spiritual Heart to create positive changes, to attract beneficial connections, and to bring more harmony into your life.

You will learn how love is, as a spiritual force in your life, can change your view of painful experiences and suffering.


Gain Exclusive Access to:

Read the Prophecy of Love that the Ascended Masters wish to share with humanity today.
Learn to use Divine information to accelerate your spiritual growth
Access 7 exercises to help you master these sacred teachings
Enjoy one guided meditation to help you open your Spiritual Heart.

What You Will Get In This Workshop:

  • The Prophecy of Love
  • The Pink Ray
  • The Pink Flame
  • The Angels of Love
  • The Elohim Orion

Applying These Concepts To Everyday Life:

  • Create a more harmonious life for yourself
  • Move through the world with love in your heart
  • Use compassion towards others and yourself
  • Get to know the ego better

Freqently Asked Questions

What will I receive with the Book of Love - Level I?

The Book of Love – Level I includes seven exercises, one prophecy, one guided meditation, nineteen videos, one PDF copy of the workshop, one PDF workbook and downloadable versions of all content and links to watch on your mobile devices.

How long will it take me to complete this workshop?

It is recommended that you read, view or listen to the workshop within the period of one week Afterwards, you can review it slowly at your own pace and take your time to do the exercises.

How do I access the workshop after purchasing?

Once your payment has been completed, the workshop will download to your computer. Usually
downloaded files are found in your “Downloads folder, unless you have adjusted your settings to receive
downloads elsewhere.

You will also receive a link to the videos online for easy access to view on your mobile device.

What do I need in order to take this workshop’

You will need a computer where you can store and access files and an open mind and willingness to
connect to deeper aspects of yourself.

Meet Monica

Monica Dumont is an internationally known channeller for Angels, Ascended Masters and Mother Earth.

She is also a multi-dimensional healer, regression therapist, and award-winning author.

Monica has been healing and channelling for people since 1998. She combines her extensive training with her multi-dimensional healing and channelling abilities to serve humanity in a profound way.

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