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The Book Of Love: Level I Workshop (Video Series)

78 mins


Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual growth? Learn to use love as a powerful tool in your spiritual evolution. In the Book of Love: Level I, you will learn how to begin using your Spiritual Heart to create a more harmonious and compassionate life for yourself with the help of divine information!


$111.00 CAD


The Book Of Love: Level II Workshop (Video Series)

89 mins


Are you ready to access parts of your divinity? Understand divine love and it’s higher teachings through The Book of Love: Level II Workshop. Filled with advanced teachings for your spiritual growth this workshop is designed to help you understand the concepts of unity that connect you to yourself, others and the universe.


$101.00 CAD

Teachings of Mother Earth Workshop (Video Series)

42 mins


Bring harmony and balance to your life through this online course designed to help you connect to yourself, others and the Earth. Through this workshop, you will learn to enhance your life through concepts and exercises devised to create energetic balance and employ teachings that are fundamental to a life here on Earth.


$95.00 CAD

Becoming a Pillar of Light(MP3)

Bring in peace into your body from the dimensions of your own heart. Open, expand and purify your heart to join the network of light by becoming a pillar of light in the world.


$18.75 CAD


Finding Confidence From Within(MP3)

This meditation is designed as a unique and very effective way to empower you and build your confidence level. Through self-love and acceptance your beliefs about yourself will start to change and aligned with who you want to be.


$7.75 CAD

Finding Relaxation through Inner Peace(MP3)

This Meditation will teach you to access peace at any time and place. By keeping calm and staying in your center throughout your day, it will help you be in a good state of mind, spirit and body.


$7.75 CAD

Healing with Light (MP3)

This meditation is a combination of Energy Work and Neurolinguistic Programming techniques. It is an extensive meditation that will assist you in healing your emotional, physical and mental bodies.


$7.75 CAD



A Gathering for Star Seeds (MP4 Video)

152.05 mins

A spirited discussion, guided art integration and special channel for the Plaedians and Ascended Masters focussed on raising awareness towards the multi-dimensional realities in our galactic system.


$18.75 CAD


Your Frequency, the Solstice & the Solar Eclipse: A Transmission & Healings with The Ascended Masters

84 mins

Join me during the Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse for a unique transmission with the Ascended Masters. Through their guidance, we will use a unique blend of frequencies to center our energies and properly open our spiritual centres. This will allow access to a better and higher flow of our own Divinity.


$18.75 CAD

Midsummer Celebration of Life

68 mins

Join me on Petrie Island for a Midsummer Celebration of Life – A Channel with the Ascended Masters and the Dragon Energy. As we work with the frequencies of the higher realms and learn to combine them as a powerful, heart base energy such as the one of the dragon, we unite Heaven and Earth in our own existence.


$18.75 CAD

Invoking the Light Within – Channeling the Ascended Masters (MP4 Video)

This is a guided meditation and talk by the Ascended Masters – 15 mins

When I asked my guides about what is going on, the Archangel Ariel told me that these are times that were prophesied long ago, which are presenting themselves in a way that people did not specifically imagine.


$7.75 CAD

Channeling Mother Earth (MP4 Video)

This is a conversation with questions and answers with Mother Earth – 39 mins

I first came into contact with Mother Earth in 2018 after a couple of years of being asked by my spirit guides to go to the Grand Canyon area.


$15.00 CAD


Alex and the rabbit

Version française “Alex et le Lapin”

This award winning book tells a beautiful story about a little boy who takes his cute rabbit out to play and when something unforeseen happens, he and his rabbit remember the importance of becoming calm.
This book comes with a unique exercise perfect for parents and children to practice the teachings the book has to offer.

Blueblah the Sleepy Raccoon

Version française  “Blueblah le raton laveur somnolent”

Blueblah is a raccoon who is afraid of trying things out. One day as he is taking one of his usual naps, he is awakened by a group of raccoons that help him realize that being great at something does not come automatically, but that practice, participation and patience are important keys to success.

Cocopuff – a Happy Tale

Version française “Cocopuff – Un conte heureux”

Have you ever wondered what the secret of obtaining happiness is? Cocopuff is a dog from D.D. Doggie World who decides to travel to the human world in order to find it, but through her adventures, she discovers that the secret always dwelled inside her.

Emma the bumblebee

Version française “Emma le bourdon”

Emma is a young bee on her first day going out to collect pollen. Every young bee is entrusted with this important duty and Emma has to find within herself the strength and inner wisdom that is every bee’s birthright.

The Little Bear and the Big Bear

Version française “Le petit ours et le gros ours”

Mom’s Choice Award recipient “The Little Bear and The Big Bear” is a beautiful story about a happy little bear who meets a big grumpy bear. As they become friends, the little bear teaches the big bear how to deal with what the big bear sees as blocks.

Love Is…

Version française “L’amour c’est…”

This beautiful children’s book imparts children with acceptance of self and others. Through the universal energy called LOVE children can learn about community, unity, inclusion of others and love for all living things around them.


The author of this work does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, medical or psychological problems. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help in your quest for spiritual well-being and development. In the event you use any of the information in this work for yourself, the author and other parties associated to her assume no responsibility for your actions.

Refund policy: All sales of DIGITAL downloads are final.