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Ascended Masters Channeled Message by Monica Dumont – Healing your body


Ascended Masters Channeled Message – Cutting ties with a loved one


Ascended Masters Channeled Message by Monica Dumont – Art and Healing


Orion Channeled Message by Monica Dumont – Message on Anxiety


How to Ground Properly – Energy Healing tutorial Message by Orion and The Ascended Masters


Clearing and Strengthening your Energy Field (Aura) / Energy Healing tutorial


Pleiadians/Pleiades message – Their relation to the earth & human



Archangel Michael & Ascended Masters answer questions about war & Hitler


A conversation with the Ascended Masters – Life Purpose


Why do I keep dreaming about Angles? (answered by the Ascended Masters)


Mother Mary Speaks about Children & the Current Education System


How to Read / Sense Energies – Ascended Masters, channeled July 2017 by Monica Dumont


Channeled messages from the Egyptian god Anubis on Astral traveling


Channeled message from The Ascended Masters on the day of the full solar eclipse of 2017


Solar eclipse of 2017 – Channeled message from The Arcturians on perspective and who we are


Solar eclipse of 2017 – Channeled message from The Pleiadians on energy


The Violet Flame – The Sacred Flame of the Heart – Channeled message for The Ancient Ones


Conflict in the Heart – channeled message for the Higher Realms by Monica Dumont
Children of the Blue Ray – Channeled for the Higher Realms by Monica Dumont


Spiritual Contracts / Soul Agreements


Healing the body – A perspective from the higher realms




What to do when you have a lot of fears



Why do I feel separate from others?


How to obtain harmony and bring light into your city


Family / Ancestral lineages and working with energy


Kundalini Awakening


Waves of Ascension on Earth


Creating a Healthy Body -Channeled for the Ascended Masters


Energetic Hygiene – Removing Energetic Blocks – Tutorial by Monica Dumont


Children’s Books – Personal Development Series by Monica Dumont


What to Expect in a PLR session with Monica Dumont -Audio only.


Solar Eclipse, December 26th, 2019 – Planetary energies and how they are affecting us now



Human Consciousness & Choice/Inner Peace Mudra – Monica Dumont – Covid19


Midsummer celebration of life – A transmission with the Ascended Masters and Elemental energy.



A Healing Ceremony for our World – Grandmother Claudette Commanda and Monica Dumont


Monica Dumont PODCAST with Peter Denis – Ascended Master Jesus



How to Use Sound to Bring in Light – Monica Dumont tutorials



How to use color to raise your vibration




Inner Peace_Guided Mediation


How to bless water and food


Winter Solstice – Leaving The Old Behind


NEW! – Birthing a New World


The Power of Music


The Teachings of Mother Earth – Workshop by Monica Dumont








February – Month of Love


People of Inner Earth – Valentine’s Day Message