FAQ about Channeled Energy Healing/Astral Sessions with Monica Dumont


Q: What is the difference between Channeled energy healing and other energy healing techniques?
A: Channeled Energy Healing happens when information and source energy is being channeled at the same time. During a session, energies are being moved, transmuted, and replaced through the guidance of angelic beings and guides. You will speak to your guides, angels, cosmic family, etc. and receive direct guidance, love, healings and information about you, your life, and much more. The moment the session begins, your energy field expands through the channel which often awakens gifts or increases their potency if you already have them.


Q: How does an Astral session work?
A: This type of sessions is ideal for children and people who cannot see Monica in person. The session includes everything offered during an in person session. These sessions are often more transformative and might go deeper because the work is done fully in the Astral Plane. These sessions are recorded so you can hear the guides’ messages to you, other information they might want you to have and the description of the work being done. The recording is then E-mailed to the person who requested the healing. People often request these healings as a gift to loved ones.


Q: What can Channeled Energy Healing/Astral sessions help with?
A: Although there are many reasons people request energy healings from Monica, these are some of the most common requests;
– Spiritual contracts
– Direction in life and life path(s)
– Back Pain
– Injuries
– Re-balancing Body energies
– Removing Emotional Blocks
– Speed Up Surgery Recovery
– Opening of psychic abilities
– Deep alignment with your heart and soul
– Soul Guidance
– Self transformation
– Decreases chaos and confusion
– Path viewing and adjustments (financial, love, purpose, etc.)
– and much more
Energy Healing is for people who are interested in working at a deeper level as an adjunct to proper medical treatment.


Q: How long is the session?
A: Sessions are one hour, but please allow for an hour and thirty minutes, as it often depends on what is being released, what messages are coming through for you, etc. Please also allow for some quiet time before and after your session. Some people like to take a nap, drink lots of water, or go for a walk in nature after their session.


Q: Do you provide an audio recording?
A: Monica only provides a recording for regression sessions and astral energy healings. If you come for a channeled session or energy healing session, please feel free to bring your own recording device.
If you are doing a channeling session, you may just wish to remain open to allowing the moment to naturally unfold. The transmission of energy gets recorded in your energy field and at a cellular level and you will notice the effects in the weeks and months to come after your session.


Q: Where does it take place?
A: At the moment Monica conducts sessions at her home in Orleans, phone or astral.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Sessions may be rescheduled one time to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.
If you need to cancel your appointment please call or E-mail 24 hour in advance.


Q: Can I have a session by phone?
A: Yes, after booking your session, you will be asked to call Monica at the time of your session. Please be on time for your session as the time is being reserved for you.


Q: I’m a Healer, can Monica help me develop my own gifts?
A: Yes, the beings Monica connects to have a purpose to increase the consciousness of the world. When you come for a channeled energy healing, the ultimate outcome is to help you reach your highest path and therefore awaken or strengthen gifts that may lie within you.

FAQ about Past Life Regression


Q: What is a Past Life Regression?
A: Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique that uses hypnosis for accessing and re-experiencing memories of past lives or incarnations. This technique has great therapeutic effects.
Regression Therapy is not to be confused with a Past life reading- often done by shamans. Monica uses Past Life Regression Therapy as a tool to help her clients overcome whatever concerns they may be facing.


Q: How can I Benefit form a Past Life Regression Session?
A: Monica helps people open up their awareness, raise their energetic frequency and learn to use their own Spiritual Gifts so they can continue helping themselves. Some of the things Regression can help with:

– Healing, growth and self-realization.
– Feeling lighter and clearer
– Better and deeper understanding of self
– Receive special messages and guidance form Spirit Guides and Angels.
– Greater understanding of life’s purpose
– Increasing clarity and intuition
– Understand and work on Health Challenges
– Release Inexplicable Feelings that have lingered for many years
– Find out about your Soul origin and other information
– Stop recurrent dreams/nightmares
– and much more


Q: How long is a session?
A: A regression session is 2 to 3 hours long.


Q: What can you expect to happen during a session?
A: Your body will feel very relaxed. You mind will become calm and clear.
You will be able to access important information and share it verbally with Monica.
Some experience their past life as a movie or images. Others experience it as a knowing of feeling. All of this always from a safe place.

Q: Is my Past Life Regression session recorded?
A: Yes, and it is Emailed to you later on.


Q: Are past lives real?
A: Some people believe they are, and others believe they are metaphors our subconscious mind creates to help us deal with an issue we might be facing. No matter what a person’s belief is, the individual is always able to journey and experience what they need to for their own purpose at that time in their life. This unique experience is always transformative.


Q: What Past Life Regression method does Monica use?
A: Monica uses the Brian Weiss method (regression though hypnosis)


Q: Where does it take place?
A: At the moment Monica conducts sessions at her home in Orleans.