Ask 3 Questions

Three questions through E-mail to the Ascended Masters and Archangels

This is not a psychic reading, but a direct channel.



You have questions. Monica can get you answers. The process is very simple. You send her an email with your questions, and she will ask three higher beings:

  • Your spirit guides and teachers
  • The Ascended Masters
  • Mother Earth

No matter how mundane your questions, the answer will always guide you to your highest path in life. Your answer will be recorded, and emailed to you. She asks up to three questions at a time on behalf of one person.  The answer is unique to you and the issues you are asking about. Answers can be from 15 to 45 minutes long, depending on what is going on and how the question is asked.

Many times, the answers have led the petitioner on a transformational journey, reaching a new level of understanding.

Please don’t ask about future events, such as divination questions. We are beings who create our reality in every moment. The answer might be accurate now, but the future is constantly changing.

Why does she ask three beings? Why not just one? To get you the best perspectives possible. We never know what the answers will be. But we do know that they will always guide you towards your true purpose in this life and in your future lives.


NOTE: Sometimes other beings show up to help with the answer. This happens when they are uniquely suited to answer it, or if they are fundamentally tied to you.



Up to Three Question: $130

To submit your question, please Email Monica to