Hello Everyone,


I wanted to let you know that I will be stepping down from my roll as an organizer from However, I would like to do one last meetup with those who love nature, and are curious about the spirit of mother nature, the earth and the elemental realm.


I have invited my dear friend Marie Claude Charland to share her wisdom and knowledge with us all, and she has accepted!


Marie-Claude is a local métisse artist whose sculptures, paintings and installations speak of our sacred relationship, as incarnated spirits, with our Mother Earth and all aspects of Creation.


In this meeting expect me to connect to the spirits of nature, the forest and all related to the elemental realm that resonated with my heart. Meaning, only those who stand in the balance of love and creation.


For this last meetup I have chosen a very special forest, so you will need to be ready for a hike and the outdoors. It might also be that some of you will need to coordinate rides with each other. So feel free to connect to one another here.


Details of event:


Date: Saturday, June 22nd


Time: 2pm  (We start walking at 2:15pm)


Location: Hog’s Back Park600 Hog’s Back Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 1H8


Meeting spot: at the end of the Parking lot



Fee and RSVP: Please send an etransfer of $30 to for your spot. If you still want to attend, but cannot afford the fee, contact me directly though my website.


What to bring:

Folding chair, or pick-nick blanket, hat, bug repellent, sports shoes and clothing, water, snacks, whatever else you need to be comfortable in nature.


This hike is moderate, but it does have two steep inclines so be mindful of that, if you choose to participate. Please know that you are attending at your own risk.


For those who want to continue participating in my events, feel free to sign up to my email list.



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