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Greetings of joy to you and your family,

‘The Sacred Fire of Winter’ is one of the names we call a fire that is made on the New Year.

The purpose of the Fire is to burn a handwritten letter by the person who wishes to send a prayer or petition upwards into the heavens. It is said that there are Ascended Masters and Angelic beings who work during this time of the year to collect, read and act on such petitions.

If the individual who writes the letter is asking for something personal, they may offer to perform a particular service or work or make a commitment. For example a prayer and/or a decree that the Masters can use as “seed money” for something the individual desires to see accomplished in the world.

It is my delight to host a unique potluck this year by bringing like-hearted people together in ceremony as we release the old and welcome the new.

For those of you who would like to write a letter to the Ascended Masters, you must bring your private handwritten letter with you. The letter is not meant to be seen by anyone, so please bring it in an envelope. We will seal and consecrate all the letters brought. You can then take your letter and burn it on New Year’s Day in the setting you find most appropriate. To help us with this, we will gather in harmony with the energy of the Winter Solstice. I will do a channel with the Ascended Masters and a meditation to help keep our frequencies high. Israa, whom some of you have met at one of our earlier event, will also help us move into our heart energy through a Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

Everyone is welcome to this potluck; you may choose to participate in some or all aspects of the ceremony. If you know of anyone who might like to join us, please share the information with them or bring them along.

Please RSVP to me directly at Remember, this is a potluck. Please let us know what you are bringing to the meal by adding it to our potluck app . We rented a venue equipped with a kitchen (fridge, microwave and oven available) for our convenience 🙂

Note that this gathering is happening indoors. We will be smudging, chatting and eating together. If you have concerns about Covid or have allergies to certain foods, please take your own precautions.

What to bring:

1-      Your handwritten letter in an envelope.

2-      A dish to share in the potluck.

3-      Your favourite mug for the cacao ceremony.

4-      We are asking for a minimum of $25 to cover costs associated with this event.

Doors open: 5:30PM

Program starts: 6:30PM

Program ends: 8:30PM
Clean up and doors close: 8:30PM to 9PM

Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Venue: Blackburn Hamlet Community Hall

190 Glen Park Dr., Ottawa, K2B 5A3


I think this will be a great meeting! We hope to see you there.


In love and light,



Serving in our global community as a channel and healer, Monica aims to bring together all people of the light no matter where they may be in their journey to create support, healing, guidance and connectivity.

Help us plan an event in your area.

If you are interested in having Monica do a channel or to assist in the healing of the land in a spiritual event or gathering in your city please contact Monica contact (AT)