A Potluck with Friends and Like-minded People – Winter Solstice
Dear friend,
As we enter the holiday season and soon bring 2022 to an end, I’m inviting you to join Israa, myself and like-minded friends for a potluck gathering on December 21, on the occasion of the winter solstice.
Why are we doing this? The winter solstice energy is one of the most powerful of the year. For 3 days, the earth stands on its axis as it pauses, shifts and moves in the opposite direction. This is a time of quiet energy, a time to set goals and intentions for the coming year, to examine and let go of the past, and to make changes within yourself.
Together we will share a meal, raise our frequency and vibration by smudging, meditation, a cacao ceremony and a channeling. Under the winter solstice energy and with the guidance of the Ascended Masters, you will get to bless and seal your handwritten prayer (intention) for 2023.
I’m also looking forward to sharing a reading from my newly published book ‘Affirmations and Messages for the Soul’.
Everyone is welcome to this potluck; you may choose to participate in some or all aspects of the ceremony. If you know of anyone who might like to join us, please share the information with them or bring them along.
Please RSVP with me directly at Remember, this is a potluck. Please let us know what you are bringing to the meal by adding it to our potluck app . We rented a venue equipped with a kitchen (fridge, microwave and oven available) for our convenience ­čÖé
We will be smudging, chatting and eating together. If you have concerns about Covid or have allergies to certain foods, please take your own precautions.
What to bring for the ceremonies:
1- Your handwritten letter in an envelope.
2- A dish to share in the potluck.
3- Your favorite mug for the cacao ceremony.
4- We are asking for a minimum of $25 to cover costs associated with this event.
Doors open: 5:30PM
Program starts: 6:30PM
Program ends: 8:30PM
Clean up and doors close: 8:30PM to 9PM
Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Venue: Blackburn Hamlet Community Hall
190 Glen Park Dr., Ottawa, K2B 5A3
In love and light,



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