What are Monica’s Clients Saying?


“I met Monica at a time in my life when I felt like I was falling apart. I had been in therapy for years, and that wasn’t working. I honestly felt like there was something wrong with me. Little did I know that what I needed was “angel therapy”. So much has happened since the day Monica was put on my path. This whole journey has been life changing. I learned so much about myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I was given a gift. Now that I know about this gift, I feel hopeful for the future. My new life is starting, and it’s filled with light and love. Monica is a very special person. She is an angel on earth. Thank you so much! ”

– AR, Ottawa, ON


“I’ve had a back injury accompanied by chronic pain for over a decade. Monica has helped me reduce the intensity of the pain in such a dramatic way. I would recommend Monica to any of my clients. She is very gifted, knowledgeable and honest. Her healing energy sessions are a wonderful combination of intuitive and angelic healing. They are simply powerful! Thank you Monica. Living pain free feels wonderful! ”

– K. N. Ottawa, ON


“If you want to get up close and personal with your angels, and guides. This is the session you are looking for. My experience was what I would call amazing!
I gained advice for certain issues in my life, tools, and other wisdom from the highest sources of consciousness. I feel like I’m in cloud 9. Thank you for such a unique and uplifting experience!”

– Mary L. Toronto, ON


“During a recent past life regression with Monica, I discovered the root cause of my difficulties in speaking in a clear, normal pitched tone of voice.
Having been operated for vocal cord nodules in the past , followed by  speech therapy during two different periods in my life , my voice always remained weak, strained and normal speaking was always a challenge demanding a lot of energy.
I decided to explore through a  past life regression session what were the deeper issues connected to this present situation in my life.
Through Monica’s guidance and my willingness to open to whatever presented itself to me, I did pinpoint the deep cause of this speech limitation. T
he day following this                             experience, I began naturally, to speak more normally and continue to do so and marvel at this every day, since.”

                         – Leigh G. Ottawa, ON


“This was a very personal and unique experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is working on their personal growth. I got to understand myself at a much deeper level and got answers from a higher perspective. Thank you Monica!”

– Melanie B. Ottawa, ON


” I’ve spent the day after my regression contemplating what happened earlier in the day and suspect I will for many days to come.  It was quite a revelation for me – after all these years I can make some sense out of things that previously defied explanation. Thank you Monica for helping me through the process and for sharing your learnings and insights”

– D. Ottawa, ON


“I cannot explain in words how powerful my experience with Monica was. I was able to connect and clear some of the blockages that have been present in a specific aspect of my life for so long. I was able to feel and see the results of this clearing in a matter of days.
I would highly recommend Monica for anyone wanting to remove blocks in their life. She is highly gifted and intuitive”

– Liz Poulin, Montreal, QC


“I came to Monica for some Past Life regression to help with an anxiety issue I had been having for at least the past 30 years.
Monica made me feel very comfortable throughout my sessions with her. After just two sessions Monica was able to help me reach a deeper level of understanding and cleared my anxiety. I feel a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders and I now have a clearer positive future.
Thank you Monica!”

– Joanne B. Ottawa, ON


“ I did a Past life regression with Monica because I had feelings of not belonging and being different. I wanted to know where all of these originated from. Monica made me feel comfortable and safe through the whole process and in two sessions, I was able to find things about myself that where not just from past lives but also from places in between lives. I spoke to my guides and accessed the Akashic records which was a bonus. I find that she is very knowledgeable, accepting, understanding and kind. Thank you Monica”

– Elisa Bar, Vancouver, BC



“Thank you, Monica, for the recent House Blessing!
I learnt quite a bit so I thought that I would provide some information to help your other Clients understand how they can help you with the process.

For anyone thinking that House Blessing might be what you need, here is a short description of the process and how to prepare for it.

You and Monica will be sitting in one of the rooms while Monica travels through the house on the Astral Plane. I suggest that you have a paper and pen so that you can take any notes. You could draw the layout of your house so that you can check off each room as it is discussed.

While Monica is viewing your house from the Astral plane she will tell you what she sees. There might be energy imprints, or entities, or spirits. She will make suggestions as to what could be changed by consulting with the Ascended Masters but you always have final the decision. Some of what she sees might be beneficial. If you are not sure you can ask that the decision to be ‘for that which serves the highest divine purpose of everyone in the household’ – or words to that effect!

Each room can be ‘painted’, which sets the mood and will attract certain vibrations. Thus before the session, you might want to think about what type of feeling that you would like in each room. The Ascended Masters may also make suggestions. For example, all of the bedrooms in my house now have shades of green to assist in healing while sleeping.

There might be entities that are in the house that should not be there. Do not be afraid as they have served a purpose. Monica will remove them by requesting assistance from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. I would suggest that you also say thank you to them. During the process, spirits might visit just to request assistance from Monica. In those cases, Monica will ask the Angels to assist them. Those spirits only showed up because Monica was there, do not worry that others will start appearing later!

You might be surprised to find out that you have spirits and angels that are in your house because they are assisting you or other members of your family! As well, the spirit-form of one of your current pets might actually talk to Monica and tell her a few things that will greatly help! Some of the beings that appear might have information to pass on to other people that live in the house.

At the end of the session, Monica will say a blessing.

If anyone would like to ask me any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook!”

– Pamela Reid, Ottawa, ON

“Monica is a powerful healer who has been assisting me for a few years. I have learned more about myself than through any other method and am learning to assist myself through her teachings and healings. She has helped to remove blocks and energies that contributed to physical and emotional suffering. My life has been forever changed and I would recommend her work to everyone wanting to step forward into a higher level. She is a spiritual gangster!!


-Haether Gauthier, Sudbury, ON.

Author of “The Pilgrim’s Stone”

“The Teachings of Mother Earth” is a wonderful workshop, and very practical – exercises to practice every day. It’s lightening my heart and helping me have so much more energy, yet feel more peaceful! I Highly recommend!