The Book of Love: Level I


The Book of Love is a Workshop filled with channeled information to help you accelerate your spiritual growth.

Learn to use LOVE AS A TOOL in your spiritual evolution.

Learn to use the powerful energy of your Spiritual Heart to create positive changes, to attract beneficial connections, and to bring more harmony into your life.

You will learn how love is, as a spiritual force in your life, can change your view of painful experiences and suffering.



Accelerate your spiritual growth

If you are ready to use divine information to accelerate your spiritual growth, this workshop is for you.

Gain Exclusive Access to:

  • Read the Prophecy of Love that the Ascended Masters wish to share with humanity today.
  • Learn to use Divine information to accelerate your spiritual growth
  • Access 7 exercises to help you master these sacred teachings
  • Enjoy one guided meditation to help you open your Spiritual Heart.