The Book Of Love Workshop - Monica Dumont
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The Book Of Love Workshop

The Book of Love workshop (level 1)


To understand Love, you must understand yourself first and know that everything is made of Love and from Love. For without Love, nothing can exist; without Love, there is no connection to everything and everyone in the totality of all.

When we speak of Love, we speak about Greater/Divine Love. And from that understanding of what Greater/Divine Love is comes the understanding of the self.

In our time together, we are going to look at Love in a different way. You are going to learn how to use this energy so that you can begin to master life.

In particular, we will look at:

1 – Understanding different facets of Love

  • What is Love from a higher perspective (This is because we need to know what Love truly is before we can learn to work with it)
  • What Greater Love is at a deeper level

2 – How this Love manifests in our human reality at this time

  • The Prophecy of Love
  • The Pink Ray
  • The Pink Flame
  • The Angels of Love
  • The Elohim Orion

3 – Applying the concepts we have learned to our everyday life:

  • Engaging with others through Love
  • Harmony through Love
  • Moving through the world through Love
  • Compassion
  • Letting go of Character (deflating the ego)
78.39min Class
YouTube Video Series