Soul Contracts


Soul contracts are sacred agreements between you and another person. The main purpose of these contracts is to help all who are involved learn, grow, and experience something the soul needs in order to move closer to its self.

The purpose for reviewing a soul contract is to help you understand why something is happening between you and another person, as well as to update it to suit the physical incarnation better.

All soul contract sessions are done in the astral plane. You can choose to be present or on the phone with Monica. These sessions are recorded and E-mailed to the person who requested the session.

This session can help you:

  • Understand a situation better,
  • Understand others and yourself  better,
  • Adjust what needs adjusting,
  • Move energy in your life,
  • Create better relationships,
  • Create better experiences,
  • And much more.


Estimates session time is 2 hours and 20 minutes

Fees: $220