Love – Natural Incense



High Frequency – 100% Natural Loose Incense (2 oz)

This delightful incense blend is made with a balance of natural products. Good for spiritual practices such as meditation, spiritual ceremonies and prayer done with the intent to heal the heart, attract love, and all other matters of related to heart.



The Love Incense Blend brings love into your life in the form of self-love, love in your relationships with others as well as romantic love.

This incense has been manually ground. Created and portioned by Monica.

The Love Blend has been blessed by Monica with the assistance of the Archangels Chamuel, Raphael and Raguel.

This product contains Myrrh, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Lavender and more. 

How To Burn Loose Incense:
Place a charcoal disc in a heat proof dish.
Hold a flame to the charcoal disc until it is lit and an ash grey colour or it sparks.
Add a small amount of incense on top and enjoy. (Add as needed)

Practice proper fire safety. Never leave incense or any flame unattended. Keep away from children. Not for consumption. 

Also available by Monica Dumont

Blessings – High Frequency, 100% Natural Loose Incense

Money – High Frequency, 100% Natural Loose Incense

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