Teachings of Mother Earth - Monica Dumont
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Teachings of Mother Earth


Teachings of Mother Earth – Workshop


We are connected with Mother Earth and its energies, within that connection you will find there is order and peace. This connection is healthy, natural and real.. The Earth is a 5th dimension being consciously living in the physical as well as in the astral. When Earth and the other beings came together to create this reality, Earth volunteered to be the host. Love expanded through her to help create and maintain life in different forms and in different realities, for the purpose of assisting in the expansion of the souls who come here.

This workshop developed by Mother Earth and Monica Dumont is intended to help you:

  • Master how to live as a spirit in the physical world
  • Begin to learn how to access energies that are beneficial to you
  • Repel energies that do not suit you
  • Feel more energized
  • Understand the bigger picture of this reality

Through inner awareness you will learn to be aware of the subtle energies within your body and Spirit integration will strengthen your connection between your Divine self and your physical reality.

41.13min Class
MP4 Download