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A book for spiritual awakening. Full of powerful affirmations, messages and quotes that ignite amazing changes in Your Life.

“In the tranquility of my thoughts, I expand my understanding of the universe within me. With this book of quotes and affirmations, I reach out to you, my friend, my brother, my sister, in the hope of giving you a glimpse of the power that resides within you.”

“I am sharing this book with you as part of my understanding of this world so that you may see a glimpse of what the reality you live in is about from the perspective of another incarnate human like yourself. In the following pages, accompanied by images of our beautiful world, you will find a combination of 111 quotes and affirmations from my work with others. I encourage you to open the pages of this book at will and in no particular order and to ponder what you read. You might find that some concepts are more aligned with you at some moment, while others will serve to move you in a certain direction in the present or in the future. However you find them, be light in your thoughts and in your way of being so that you may find your own truth. May this book reach you and move you in the way it is meant to.”

– From the introduction by Monica Dumont