Awakening -A gathering of souls


We are excited for you to join us at our annual autumn event! This year due to COVID guidelines, we have made some adjustments. Instead of our community potluck, we are asking you to bring your own cooked meals (lunch, snacks and supper) as well as your own feast bundle (eating gear).

Our meeting will take place at the Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge located in Manotick, ON. There will only be room for a total of 12 participants. Our focus is still based on a full day of coming together as sisters and brothers in sacred circle ceremony.

The theme for this year is Awakening – A gathering of souls. Focusing on aligning the body, mind and spirit; practicing presence to come back to the true self. Join in this beautiful experience Grandmother Minnie, Dr. Diane Bourbonnais, Art facilitator Marie-Claude Charland, and Monica Dumont, Divine Transmitter.