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Energy Healing:


Energy Healing Through Higher Consciousness-

Each energy healing session is unique to what is happening in a person’s life.

Monica is a multidimensional healer who specifically works to regenerate and activate the Human DNA template’s to its highest potential. She is an energy transmitter and has specific gifts of healing tools and light codes to assist humans in healing distortions imbedded in the physical and energetic bodies.

At this time of acceleration, it is required for some humans undergoing the Ascension process to be assisted with Etheric Surgery. She works on the multidimensional anatomy by supporting the Nadis system or other layers of the Auric Field and more.


In a session you might have the opportunity to speak to your spirit guides directly and to ask a few questions, please note that this type of session is not meant for fortune telling, but for healing at different levels and aspect of the self.

 Astral Energy Healing (long distance healing):


This type of sessions is ideal for children and people who cannot see Monica in person. The session includes everything offered during an in-person

session. These sessions are often more trans-formative and might go deeper because the work is done fully in the Astral Plane. These sessions are recorded so you can hear the guides messages to you, other information they might want you to have and the description of the work being done. The recording is then Emailed to the person who requested the healing. People often request these healings as a gift to loved ones.


In Person session or Astral (long distance) healing

To Schedule an appointment with Monica, contact her by Email or by phone.

Estimates time per session: 45min to 1hr

Fees: $210 adult / $135 children (up to 14 yrs.)



While Monica Dumont has extensive experience in the healing arts, she is not a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist, or other licensed health care provider. Any information presented on this website about the Teachings, Programs or Products are not intended to represent that they are used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problem or psychological disorder nor are they intended as a substitute for seeking professional healthcare advice. We strongly advise that you seek professional advice as appropriate before making any health decision.