Emma the Bumble Bee - Monica Dumont
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Emma The Bumble Bee: A beautiful story designed to help children believe and trust themselves. Giving the child confidence and leadership.
Emma le bourdon  (version française)


About this book:

Emma is a young bee on her first day going out to collect pollen. Every young bee is entrusted with this important duty and Emma has to find within herself the strength and inner wisdom that is every bee’s birthright.
This book comes with a unique exercise designed to help parents support their child in developing self-trust and personal strength. ​


A few words from Monica:
When writing Emma the Bumble Bee, I thought of how insecurities can easily be overcome by just having the knowledge and the practice of trusting ourselves.
This picture book is a beautiful and simple fable meant to show young children that sometimes the way they feel make things appear harder than they actually are and that by learning to trust themselves they can accomplish what they put their minds and energy towards..
The exercise at the end of the story is meant as a fun guide to help support caregivers and parents in assisting the child.