Blueblah The sleepy raccoon: A story about the importance of participating, overcoming self-doubt and leadership.
Blueblah le raton laveur somnolent (version française)


About this book:

Blueblah is a raccoon who is afraid of trying things out. One day as he is taking one of his usual naps, he is awakened by a group of raccoons that help him realize that being great at something does not come automatically, but that practice, participation and patience are important keys to success.
This book comes with a unique exercise for you and your child to practice the teachings the book has to offer.


 A few words from Monica:

When I wrote Blublah the Sleepy Raccoon, I created it as a story that would be simple enough for young children to follow and still allow for the message to stay with them.
This picture book is meant to reveal to children who are afraid of being part of something because of insecurities that they don’t have to be perfect in order to take part.  We all start somewhere and patience, practice and perseverance are what take us there.
The exercise at the end of the story is meant as a fun guide to help support caregivers and parents in assisting the child.