Honoree of the Literary Classics International Book Award and recipient of the Literary Classic Seal of Approval, Alex And The Rabbit: A story designed to teach children simple techniques that help them stay calm and centered in times of stress. Giving the child more self-control.
Alex et le Lapin (version française)

About this book:

This is a beautiful story about a little boy who takes his cute rabbit out to play and when something unforeseen happens, he and his rabbit remember the importance of becoming calm.
This book comes with a unique exercise perfect for parents and children to practice the teachings the book has to offer.
A few words from Monica:
I’ve created Alex and the Rabbit as a picture book to help very young children learn an easy method that can assist them in coping with stress. The story has purposely been created to be short and simple as not to lose the teachings the book has to offer.
The exercise at the end of the story is meant as a fun guide to help support caregivers and parents in assisting the child.