About Monica

Born a healer, Monica has always been attracted to helping others. Some of her earliest memories of doing energy healing are as a young child healing family members in the household.

She started channeling messages for friends and family since 1999 and formally started channeling Angels and Archangels since 2001. As her channeling skills developed she began channeling other inter-dimensional beings such as The Elohim Orion, Mother Mary and Saint Germain.

Growing up, as gifted children often do, she tried to ignore her abilities; despite the many situations which presented themselves to help her acknowledge them.

However, the universe will always find a way to get you back on track. In her mid-thirties, after overcoming a serious health challenge and having a short debate with the angle of death and the Ascended Masters, Monica went on a journey. At the end of this quest, she made a commitment to put her gifts as a multidimensional healer and channeller to serve and help humanity in their ascension.
Monica specifically works to regenerate and activate the Human DNA template’s to its highest potential. She is an energy transmitter and has specific gifts of healing tools and light codes to assist humans in healing distortions embedded in the physical and energetic bodies.

At this time of acceleration, it is required for some humans undergoing the Ascension process to be assisted with Etheric Surgery. She works on the multidimensional anatomy by supporting the Nadis system or other layers of the Auric Field and more.


Monica Dumont is an internationally known channeller for Angels, Ascended Masters and Mother Earth. She is also a multidimensional Healer, Regression Therapist, and award winning Author.

Monica gracefully combines her extensive training with her multi-dimensional healing and channeling abilities to serve her clients in a profound way.

The Ascended Masters and Archangels


Although Monica is a Multi-channel her primary teachers and guides are the Ascended Masters and Archangels. One of the purposes of these Divine Beings is to assist in the Ascension and healing of humanity and the earth. They work in conjunction with other beings from the realms of light and humans who dedicate their incarnation to this cause.

Some of Monica’s main teachers are Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael and Archangel Monphiel.






A few words form Monica

Dear friend,

I believe that love is the force that binds us, heals us, transforms us, and connect us to all. Through the expansion of our hearts we can begin the journey back to ourselves, by understanding that the way of love is the way to the light.
I look forward to assisting you in your journey.

Monica Dumont




Organize an event

Serving in our global community as a channel and healer, Monica aims to bring together all people of the light no matter where they may be in their journey to create support, healing, guidance and connectivity.

Help us plan an event in your area.

If you are interested in having Monica do a channel or to assist in the healing of the land in a spiritual event or gathering in your city please contact Monica contact@monicadumont.com