Mom’s Choice Award recipient “The Little Bear and the Big Bear” Is a story designed to help teach children how to deal with frustration, anxiety and anger. Giving the child patience and a strong self-esteem.

Le petit ours et le gros ours (version fran├žaise)


About this book:
This is a beautiful story about a happy little bear who meets a big grumpy bear.
As they become friends, the little bear teaches the big bear how to deal with what the big bear sees as blocks.
This book comes with a unique exercise designed to help parents support their child in recognizing and dealing with frustration which many times can lead to anxiety.


A few words from Monica:
The Little Bear and The Big Bear is a picture book meant for young children and although the story is a little bit more evolved then “Alex and the Rabbit”, it is still short and simple for them to follow and acquire the insights the book has been created for.
This book demonstrates different skills children can use when dealing with any difficult emotion such as anxiety, pessimism and being overwhelmed.
The exercise at the end of the story is meant as a fun guide to help support caregivers and parents in assisting their children.