Transcribed messages - Monica Dumont
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Transcribed messages

Channelled for The Keepers by Monica Dumont,

April 2018 at the Grand Canyon, AR, USA

It was said long ago that there would be those who would be born into this planet to bring what is called the light back to it, to remind others of what had been forgotten. Many of you have forgotten yourselves your purpose and your missions as you incarnate over and over in this planetary system. We are here today to remind you that your voice as well as your inner strength is just as valuable as your actions and your thoughts, for when you, “the chosen ones” choose to dedicate your time in things that do not benefit your spirit or the spirit of the land, or the spirit of others you are losing yourselves in the energies you came here to assist in healing.

Assisting the energies is one of your priorities; for you all come in different shapes, sizes, styles, genders, generations, voices.

Your own abilities are unique to you and to the world. You come here to create change not only in your own existence, but also in the existence of others as you assist in moving these energies in them and through them.

We are here today to remind you of this work, for many of you have forgotten who you are.

And so through this channel we begin to channel out frequencies to you all who are listening and reading now to remind you of that little spark that lays dormant inside of you. Some of you have already notice this spark but have chosen to ignore it and some of you are already taking action, but you are taking action still with fears, still with doubts about your work, about who you are, about what you are to do here.

We remind you that you are not alone, and that you have within you all the abilities, all the skills you need in order to move forward into your work, into your missions.

You are loved and will always be, you are supported and will always be; you are supported and will always be. For this world does not work on its own, there are many of us in other realms, in other realities that also work with the world, with this planet, with the consciousness of the planet. All of us are working at our own level, with our own abilities, with our own skills in our own way. Do not compare yourself to others for when you do that you diminish who you are, you diminish your work, your abilities and your own potential.  Many of you seek specific instructions on how to do your work, but we tell you, those seeds where planted in you long ago and the creation that you have inside of you has already been born. You just have to tap into it and trust, trust in yourself, in your abilities and in that calling you have within you. Trust that spark of light in you, trust the breath of God in you, trust your strength. Meet each other, yes, and hold each other’s hands if that feels good, for physical company is always welcome when you are in the physical world, but do not judge each other and do not try to find the answers in others for you all carry the answers within yourselves. You are loved and will always be, you are love and will always be. May the blessings of the heavens be always upon you and may your path be lit by the light of the Divine Creator.

For all is love and all is light.

– We are The Keepers


New beginnings

Channeled for the Ancient ones by Monica Dumont
Mar. 2018

Greeting friends,

And so it is the beginning of a new spring.

The spring equinox is a time for reflection, and for those of you who want to participate and take advantage of what this energy has to offer; action.  This energy offers an opportunity to begin new projects, new adventures, new journeys, to find new discoveries about yourself and the world around you.

Spring is the physical representation of energies that offers new opportunities to begin to channel your own unique self into the world. Using this energy, one can create excellent outcomes in new projects and in new connections. For the many of you who will take advantage of what this energy has to offer, movement will happen.

By providing this information we want to help you understand the power you hold within yourself to be able to create the realities you wish to create by simply tapping into your own unique self without fears or doubts but instead with love and care.

Throughout time we have said how an individual can come into contact and begin to channel their own authenticity in this planet and yet often times we find that many of you are resistant to this because of fears, doubts and your inability to trust in the light.

We are here today to tell you that it is alright to become, act and project your authentic self out into the world. To create in this way, so that all that you create becomes a success, so that all that you bring forward into the world becomes manifested in the way you plan it.

Many of you struggle with the idea of abundance in your world and this is because of your own inabilities to trust your own creations, your inability to trust your own authenticity, and your inability to trust in life and in the universal forces that are assisting you in your own creation and in your own abundance. We tell you each spring is a physical representation of new beginnings, but you do not have to wait for a spring to come, you can continually be creating and bringing to you that which you wish to bring to you.

You are loved; all of you are, and will always be.

You are supported and will always be

You are unique and will always be

We thank you for listening to our messages and the energies of spring, we are here to assist you at any moment you wish to call.

-The Ascended Masters


Sacred Heart

Channeled for the Ancient ones by Monica Dumont
Sept. 2017

The sacred flame of the heart – The sacred flame, is found within each and every one of you, it is found in the depth of your beingness, in the depth of your consciousness.

You may find a spark of light in the middle of your chest which you can begin to acknowledge every moment of your waking day, so that the spark begins to enhance itself or grow within you; as this spark of light begins to grow within you, you begin to shift your awareness more and more to that that is called love, light.

As you begin to acknowledge the light in you, you begin to acknowledge the light in others and in the energy of the events, emotions that are presenting themselves to you on a daily basis. The sacred flame of the heart can be activated within every one of you at any given moment, at any given time. To do this you must begin to acknowledge the light within you and begin to live your life from that perspective so that you may choose on a constant basis your divinity – the divinity inside of you.
– We are the ancient ones


Children of The Blue Ray

Channeled message for the Higher Realms by Monica Dumont
Oct. 24th 20
The children of the blue ray are not necessarily fully anchored or grounded in general reality. In a way, they have access to both this reality and a higher reality (a reality of a higher frequency). These children have been predicted to arrive on the planet earth around the year 2003 and are continuing to come and will continue to come for some time. Although, it is a very specific group of them, there has been a few who have come prior to 2003 in order to act as scouts for the larger group.

They bring valuable information and knowledge to the human race. Archangel Michael and the Christ are assisting these children in developing in the way they are meant to develop until they reach a specific age and are able to take off on their own. As the children tap into different realities they might seem aloof and ungrounded to you, and this is because they are not fully grounded here.

They are here and they are not, they are able to access information from higher realms, bringing creativity, inventions and actions in all forms of sciences in order to assist the advancement of this civilization.

They are bringing in a shift in energy, a shift in the understanding of the self, a shift in the understanding of that that is called reality, a shift in perceptions, shaking, moving what you like to put in boxes, what you like to put labels to. Shaking, moving your realities, showing you advancement.

It might look to you like these children might need extra assistance in your education system, when in reality these children are more advanced than what your education system can possibly comprehend. These children already possess that type of knowledge in them. Some of them continue to play the roles that are being asked to be played by their guardians, parent or teachers. Do not stop them from progressing because they do not fit in the box you want to place them in. Do not stop them from progressing because they are not your standard child, for as you stop them, you will create within them muddled ideas of their work in this reality. It is encourage for the keepers of these children to help them explore and expand more in what is being presented to them on a daily basis.


The children of the blue ray where predicted to come long ago. Here they are now.

Thank you for listening.