Energy Healing - Monica Dumont
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Energy Healing

Channeled Energy Healing:


During a Channeled energy healing, Monica will begin with an energetic clearing and re-balancing. She will ground you, which will allow you to pull more of your divinity inside you.

There will be removal of energies that do not belong to you and of energetic blocks. During the entire session she is receiving direction from your guides and her guides on what needs to be said and done in order to help you which often includes answering questions you may have.
The process varies from person to person, what doesn’t vary is the intensity of the work.


 Astral Energy Healing:


This type of sessions is ideal for children and people who cannot see Monica in person. The session includes everything offered during an in person

session. These sessions are often more trans-formative and might go deeper because the work is done fully in the Astral Plane. These sessions are recorded so you can hear the guides’ messages to you, other information they might want you to have and the description of the work being done. The recording is then Emailed to the person who requested the healing. People often request these healings as a gift to loved ones.



Channeled Energy Healing & Astral Healings sessions help with:

– Spiritual contracts

– Direction in life and life path(s)

– Back Pain

– Crossing over ceremony

– Injuries

– Rebalancing Body energies

– Removing Emotional Blocks

– Speed up Surgery Recovery

– Opening of psychic abilities

– Deep alignment with your heart and soul

– Soul Guidance

– Self transformation

– Decreases chaos and confusion

– Path viewing and adjustments (financial, love, purpose, etc.)

– And much more


In Person session or Astral healing                                                                                                                    Cost: $185 adult / $125 children

To Schedule an appointment with Monica, contact her by Email or by phone.                                    Estimates time: 1 hour (please allow for an extra 30 minutes/session)



Payment method: If you are paying through PayPal, payment is due before your session.

If you are paying with cash payment is due at the end of your session.